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Cornelissen Advocaten is an experienced team of specialist jurists-lawyers. Our services comprise providing advice and guidance on various areas of law, from corporate and economic law to private and family law, property law, agricultural law, etc.

Drawing on years of experience and very close communication with our clientele, at Cornelissen Advocaten we are able to strike the right balance between advice, preventive measures, and court proceedings. Our guiding principle is always to strive for the most enduring solution to each legal problem or dispute.



Business and economic law is the collection of legal rules for companies and organisations.

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Private citizens and family

Personal and family law is the part of civil law that deals with, among other things, …

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Property law relates to property rights that give a certain degree of control over…

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Agriculture and food

Agricultural law is about the rights and obligations of agricultural entrepreneurs and everyone who provides agricultural services.

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Construction law is the entirety of legal rules that aim to regulate and guarantee construction processes.

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Liability, road traffic and personal injury

Road traffic law comprises the part of the law that relates to traffic on public roads.

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