Name Cornelissen Advocaten BV BVBA
Postal address Langerbrugsestraat 13-16A
B-9940 Evergem - Belgium
Phone (+ 32) 09 253 04 60
Fax (+ 32) 09 253 98 38
Consultations On appointment only
Office hours 9.00 a.m to 12 noon and 2.00 p.m to 6.00 p.m
Address for visits Langerbrugsestraat 13
Parking facilities Langerbrugsestraat 13 & 16A
  RPR GENT 866.378.759

Legal information (Services Act)

Cornelissen Advocaten is a private limited company (‘BVBA’) under Belgian law and has its registered office at Langerbrugsestraat 13, B-9940 Evergem.
The company’s registration number in the Central Business Database is 0866378759.
The lawyers of Cornelissen Advocaten are members of the Ghent Bar Association. You can view the code of ethics on the Flemish Bar Association website at
The method of estimating costs and fees for rendered services is explained in articles 4.1 to 4.11 of the terms and conditions under 'Invoicing and payment'.
Services rendered by lawyers have been subject to VAT at 21% since 1 January 2014. The company is registered at the VAT office under number be BE0866378759.
Our professional liability is covered by the collective professional third-party liability insurance policy taken out by the Flemish Bar Association for Bar members and underwritten by NV Amlin Europe with its registered office at Koning Albert II laan 9, B-1210 Brussels. The insurance provides cover of €1,250,000.00 per claim.